Railway Ticket Offices

Railway Ticket Offices of Simferopol жд кассыThe Railway Station of Simferopol provides guests and dwellers of the capital with the opportunity to get to any place of Crimea, having a business or pleasure trip with comfort. To leave Crimea and to start traveling about Ukraine or foreign countries one also has to visit the Railway Station, from which trains go in many directions. Here you can at once buy a ticket for the next 24 hours, or buy it beforehand. For these purposes there are interurban, suburban and advance railway ticket offices. InterurbanCommunication kassa2Interurban railway ticket offices are in the building of Simferopol Railway Station. Here one can buy tickets to interurban directions to quickly and with maximum comfort get to any town of Ukraine and countries of the Former Soviet Union. Modern trains, leaving Simferopol, are equipped with second-class sleeping carriages, compartment carriages or luxury cars. The last type has enhanced comfort, what will allow during the entire time of the journey to be practically under «home» conditions, however their price is higher. The cheapest tickets can be bought to a second-class sleeping carriage. Traveling by Commuter Train kassa3From Simferopol it is easy to go to any Crimean town by means of commuter trains, more known as electric trains (elektrichkas). Suburban ticket offices, situated outside the Railway Station building, sell tickets to Sevastopol, Yevpatoriya, Bakchisaray, Dzhankoy, Melitopol, Feodosiya, Kerch, Urozhainoye and other stations. The ticket offices work daily, students are given a discount when showing a student card, for pensioners traveling is free. Traveling by commuter train is far more economic, than, for example, by bus, though it will take you more time for covering the distance. Advance Ticket Selling Many people prefer to buy tickets beforehand. It is easy to do, having come to advance railway ticket offices, in which you can buy tickets to all directions. They are located at 6, Tolstoy St., approximately 15 minutes on foot from the Railway Station, and are open every day. One should remember that at the height of the holiday season or on holidays there can be no necessary tickets. Planning a business or tourist trip, you should beforehand specificate the schedule of train schedule, working hours of the railway ticket offices and price for tickets using the telephone number of the Railway Station enquiry service.