Waiting rooms (public and of higher comfort)


Usual and VIP Waiting Rooms

Without a waiting room one cannot imagine any railway station. It is a special place at the railway station, its part and parcel, where passengers sometimes have to spend many hours. It often happens that this is the impression about the waiting room which forms foreign guests’ idea about a city.


The situations, in which a passenger may need the waiting room services are frequent. Sometimes it happens that the train is delayed on its way, or in Simferopol it will be necessary to make a transfer to another train, which is to be waited for a long time. It is not very pleasant to wait for it under the open sky, especially in summer heat or in winter frost. But there is no necessity in it, as Simferopol Railway Station is equipped with waiting rooms. Such premises are created especially for passengers’ long staying in them, and it is very important for every visitor to be able to wait for his/her train with maximum comfort.

Waiting Rooms are at Passengers’ Disposal

The passengers having tickets can use the waiting room services free of charge. In a spacious light room which is situated in the very building of the Railway Station one can calmly wait for the train, have a rest, communicate before a long journey with seeing off relatives and friends.

For those who are accustomed to particular conditions Simferopol Railway Station offers to use the services of the VIP waiting room. It is also situated in the building of the Railway Station and is a cozy room with favorable atmosphere. Here one can find soft sofas, on which even many hour waiting will fly in no time. If you have a desire You can watch TV, drink a cup of tea or coffee. No weather conditions matter for the visitors of the VIP waiting room as here air-conditioner always work here warming in winter or allowing to rest a little from the heat in summer. And the cost of attending such a hall will surprise with its democratic character and affordability.

Railway Station «Face»

One can say that the waiting room for the Railway Station building practically has the same meaning as a sitting room in a house. As the guests can make a conclusion about the whole house in general and its hosts on the basis of the impressions about the sitting room, about the way they are being received, so the visitors of the waiting rooms often form an opinion about the railway station as about the «city gates». AndtheofficialsofSimferopolRailway Station understand it perfectly well trying to provide the visitors with maximum comfort.