Passenger service

Information and Service Center of Simferopol Railway Station

service1Having found themselves at crowded and noisy Railway Station, many people lose their way and cannot orientate for a certain time. Especially this refers to those who are in Simferopol for the first time, who is not acquainted with the city or have come across definite difficulties, which cannot be solved independently. However, whatever trouble has happened, it is always possible to find a way out, having addressed the Information and Service Center of Simferopol Railway Station.


Services of the Information and Service Center

To find the Service Center is very easy: it is situated in the Railway Station building itself. Everybody can come here, who is in the problem situation, who needs to get cues as for the city, to get some information or just to have a rest after a long trip. You can rely on the Service Center officials’ help without hesitation, if it is necessary:


1. To obtain or return travel documents. The price for the service: 25 grn. and 15 grn. correspondingly (per berth).

2. To order a taxi. This service will cost 5 grn. per call.

3. To get information about vacant berths in hotels of Simferopol. Price: 5 grn.

4. To get a seat in the rest room. One order for reservation of the seat will cost 5 grn.

5. To get information in the written form. One item of information in the written form costs 5 grn.

6. To charge a mobile telephone or laptop. 1 hour of charging will cost 6 grn.

7. To make a notice about a passenger’s boarding at the station. The cost of a notice is 5 grn.

8. To call a porter. The Service Center offers to make a preliminary claim for the call, which will cost 5 grn.

9. To use the room of the Service Center. 1 hour costs 35 grn.

10. To photocopy documents. The service includes copying 1 page of А4 sheet.

11. To use a telephone or other means of communication.

12. To have a rest in the mini-bar, to drink coffee or tea.


Help in Any Time of Day or Night

The Information and Service Center is always glad to meet visitors. Here You will plunge into a warm friendly atmosphere, will be helped by careful responsive officials. The Center works round the clock, excluding short technical breaks, which are according to the schedule:

9:05 – 9:10

11:10 – 11:20

16:10 – 16:20

17:10 – 17:20

22:45 – 22:50

00:00 – 00:10

03:00 – 03:10

04:10 – 04:20


The Solution is Near!

Do not be ashamed of asking for help even in the most difficult situations. As the solution is often quite near: in the Information and Service Center of Simferopol Railway Station.