taxi2For most passengers, who arrive to the Crimea by the intercity trains, Simferopol is only an intermediate point in their route. Upon arrival at train station most face with the following task – to reach the final point of their destination. In order to get from Simferopol railway station to the required place on the Crimean peninsula, citizens, who have arrived by trains, prefer to use the service of the “Simferopol taxi.”

To go by taxi is quick, convenient and comfortable (especially when there is a lot of luggage). To go by taxi means to have a minimum expenditure of energy and effort (passengers can get inside the taxi right at the train station and get out right at the final point of their destination). The question is how to get the taxi service around the Crimea with high quality and safety, without overpaying for the convenience and comfort.

What are the most popular types of taxi services at the Simferopol Railway station?

Passengers, who have just come down from the train onto the platform of the Simferopol railway station, are first met by so-called “pushy people”, who persistently offer to use their taxi service. Having walked a few meters along the platform, it becomes clear that price for their service is highly exaggerated. (The second line of “pushy people” will offer you their service for more reasonable prices, but they still will be far from acceptable.)

taxiThe people of first and second echelon are “private ones” (so-called “karpali”), and most of them faithfully provide good service, although for unreasonably high prices. However, there is another feature of these drivers: most of them are private. Therefore, in case of any problems or disagreements (if this may happen), You will have to solve the problem directly with them. In this situation there will be no other authority except for the driver, to whom you can claim.

There is also a third echelon of “private drivers”, who usually meet You at a certain distance from the railway station. If you are determined and strong enough (taking into account the weight of Your luggage) and if you can walk a few hundred meters, then you have good chances to get a taxi for quite reasonable prices. (However, it does not solve the most common problem of all private drivers, which has already been mentioned – absence of any guarantees.)

The taxi service is a good alternative for “pushy” private drivers.

The taxi services in Simferopol can offer You their help for quite reasonable prices (the same price is paid by the native Crimean citizens, when they need to drive around Simferopol or the Crimea). Self-respected taxi services take full responsibility for their drivers. Moreover, the important feature of a good taxi service is the extensive car-park with different types of cars, which are aimed to solve any kinds of problems, which the clients may have.

From the point of view of the guests, who come to visit the Crimean capital, the main disadvantage (quite a relevant one) of any taxi service is the necessity to find the most reliable one in advance. Therefore, before you go to the Crimea by train, we strongly recommend You to look through the websites of the main Crimean taxi services. Here are some links: taxi “The Sun”, “Discount “, “Aborigine », “Gold”, “Moose” and “Travel to the Crimea”. And this is, of course, not the final list of the worthy taxi services of the Crimea.

We hope that you will make the right choice.
Have a good trip.

logo_aborigenTaxi service “Aborigine”

To travel comfortably around the Crimea and to discover the natural splendor and rich city life is quite easy with the taxi “Aborigine “. We offer an affordable transfer service to any place on the Crimean peninsula. The booking can easily be done by telephone or online. The driver will meet you in Simferopol and help to choose the best and shortest route. During the trip, of course on request of the client, he can share a lot of interesting facts about all the sights, which You may come across along the way. Keep in mind that you only have to pay for the trip: car arrival and waiting for the client are free of charge.


logo_losTaxi service “Moose”

Do You need to get quickly to your destination, but You have no lust to overpay? You do not trust “private drivers” and value safety above all? Are You in search for a reliable taxi? Stop: You have already found it! Just a single phone call – and a taxi “Moose” will arrive to the right place in a matter of minutes. A polite operator will help to determine the right route and will estimate the cost of the travel, and an experienced driver will quickly bring you to any point of the Crimea and Ukraine with maximum comfort, providing a high level of safety and a pleasant company.


logo_goldTaxi service “Gold”

The taxi service “Gold” is a reliable fast taxi service that will surprise You with the high level of service and incomparably low price. The list of offers, provided by this service include a 24-hour taxi transportation, meeting at the train station, car rent with a driver, courier delivery, taxi for the child and others. You can order a VIP- transport, weddings and parties service, visit of any of the Crimean resorts and all these services will be assisted by the professional drivers, whose work will never leave You indifferent.


2007_Toyota-AvalonTaxi service “Travel to the Crimea”

The taxi service “Travel to the Crimea” is a profitable and fast transfer around the Crimea, which is well-known for being reliable and comfortable. The booking can be made by telephone or online and it includes the order of transfer, meeting with the name icon at the airport or at the railway station, assistance with the luggage and its delivery to the final destination. We offer to choose any car from our car park simply by pointing the brand in the comments to the order. Just inform the operator and You are sure to get the service of the high-class.


logo_discountTaxi service “Discount”

The taxi “Discount” for a long time has had a reputation of a high-quality service with quite affordable prices. If you plan to make a trip around Simferopol or to go to any other city of the Crimea or Ukraine, the taxi “Discount” is the best choice. A reliable car with an experienced driver will quickly and comfortably take one passenger or a big group of people to the necessary destination point. We also offer the service of a bus taxi, courier, transportation and other services, the cost of which will surprise you.


logo_sunnyTaxi service “The Sun”

It is often said that cheap cannot be good, but the taxi service “The Sun” completely changes this stereotype. Taxis around Simferopol, transfer to any of the Crimean resorts, bus transportation and many other useful services are available at the lowest prices, which do not affect the quality. You only need to make the order by phone and discuss the desired route with the operator as well as the time of car arrival and the cost of travel. We are ready to guarantee the full technical serviceability of cars and high-class service.