Enquiry office

Enquiry Office of Simferopol Railway Station

Enquiry Office of Simferopol Railway Station is the first place, where a person goes, wanting to know about train schedule, tickets availability, their price or to get other exact information as for the future trip. Those, who have just stepped on the platform of Simferopol Railway Station, having left the train, also can be in need of the enquiry office officials’ help, who with pleasure give any information or consultancy.

The Services of the Enquiry Office of the Railway Station


The Enquiry Office is situated in the Railway Station building. Here one can learn any information, which is necessary for the railway transport passenger, and also get the help, necessary during the presence in the unknown town.

The list of the services, being provided by the Enquiry Office of Simferopol Railway Station, includes:

1. Giving information about the city. The cost of the service is 4 grn.

2. Giving out the information in the written form. An item of information will cost 5 grn. The service will be necessary for those, who are back from business trips.

3. An announcement via Railway Station public address system. Very often in the huge flow of people the passengers lose their relatives or acquaintances, who can easily be found, if one uses public address system. Often in such a way they inform about the lost things, make other private announcements. The cost of an announcement up to 8 words is 7 grn.

4. Making warning about passengers boarding at the station, situated along the travel itinerary of the train, different from the one mentioned in the travel documents. Such warning will be 10 grn.

5. A mobile telephone charging. If during traveling the telephone has discharged, and ahead there is a long journey without the opportunity to charge it, then you can do it in the enquiry office, having paid 6 grn. for the service.

Any Information According to Your Wish

In these and many other cases the officials of the enquiry office are ready to provide help and information support to all who need it. If You are only going to travel, preparing to leave Crimea, then You are welcome to phone the enquiry office over the telephone 66-24-04. And you will undoubtedly get full and reliable information.

The enquiry office works with a large number of people, who want to learn a lot of facts – as they are, as it often happens, guests in this city, and that is why to avoid misunderstanding and conflict situations treat their work with understanding and respect.