Bus Station


Buses are considered to be the most popular types of transport. By means of them one can get quickly and with comfort to any corner of Crimea. For this it is enough to use the bus fleet of Simferopol with the help of Health Resort Bus Station.

Fascinating Traveling by Buses.

Simferopol Bus Station is at Railway Station Square near the railway station. Here one can buy tickets for buses, including return ones, and to start traveling along the Crimean routes. Several ticket offices are always open, in which, besides tickets, one can buy road maps, bus movement schedule, calendarsand many other things.

The Entire Crimea on the Palm.

Comfortable buses, which leave Simferopol Bus Station, very quickly transport passengers practically to any Crimean town in several directions.

One of the most favourite directions among Simferopol residentsand guests of the capital is the one to Yalta. Along it one can get to Yalta, Gurzuf, Foros, Simeiz, Kastropol, Mikhor, Partenit, and also through Yalta to get to Sevastopol.

Alushta direction also attracts the admirers of the good rest on the seashore. These are the Town of Alushta, the settlements of Generalskoye, Malorechenskoye, Rybachye, Zelenogorye, Privetnoye, Professor’s Corner and Sanatorium «Utyos».

Along Sevastopol direction one can find oneself both in the hero city of Sevastopol itself, including its Northern Side, and in Balaklave, Kacha, Beregovoye, Peschanoye, to get through Sevastopol to Yalta.

Sudak direction of the buses from Simferopol includesSudak, Noviy Svet and Morskoye.

Feodosiya direction is the towns and settlements of Feodosiya, Kerch, Koktebel, Primorskiy, Kurortnoye, Ordzhonikidze.

bus-atation-infoOne can get to famous mud health resorts using the routes of Saki direction, setting off to Saki, Novofyodorovka, Frunze, Pribrezhnoye and Mityaevo, and also along Yevpatoriya direction, which includes Yevpatoriya, Mezhvodnoye, Chernomorskoye, Shtormovoye, Novoozyornoye, Razdolnoye, Steregushcheye, Mirniy.

Dzhankoy direction is represented by points Dzhankoy, Azovskoye, Oktyabrskoye, Krasnogvardeyskoye, Nizhnegorskiy.

At last, one can enjoy the seashore of the cozy Settlement of Nikolayevka, which can easily be reached by bus along Nikolayevka direction.

Having called the bus station telephones, one can book a ticket beforehand, and also to inquire the bus movement schedule. Health Resort Bus Station work for those, who likes to travel with comfort and pleasure.