Shops (food, presents, souvenirs)

shopsAt the railway station of Simferopol there are always many people hurrying on business and those ones who is going to spend the nearest weeks at one of the Crimean health resorts. Getting off the train to rest a little and get prepared for further traveling the guests of our city inevitably visit the numerous shops in the Railway Station Square.

One Can Buy Everything Necessary

The market in the Railway Station Square gives an opportunity to buy everything what is necessary for comfortable traveling: foodstuff, souvenirs, cosmetics and many other things. This is the place where there is the majority of the boutiques, shops and salons conveniently situated and attracting the attention of the visitors and residents of the city.

From Foodstuffs to Souvenirs

The way to Crimea sometimes takes several days. Usually travelers buy food for this period, but then they may need to replenish the supplies. It is easy to solve the problem: at the railway station of Simferopol there are enough shops, in which one can buy always fresh and tasty products and provide oneself with the famous Crimean wines.

Having found oneself at the large market immediately near the railway station it is easy to find household goods. This is convenient not only for the district residents, but also for the visitors, who, for example, are planning to rent accommodation on the Crimean coast.

In the salons on the Railway Station Square one can also buy a curative cosmetic which is famous all over the world with its wonderful properties. Having come to Crimea one cannot help passing by fragrant balms and shampoos, mud and clay masks, hand-made aromatic soap and essential oils.

The majority of the travelers are sure to use the centers of the mobile communications which are situated at the market. It is especially urgent for foreign guests, who need to be provided with connection on the territory of Ukraine.

If You face a long way in the train or bus, You can become bored. To avoid this one can visit bookstalls or newsstands, situated on Railway Station Square, and buy an interesting book, magazine, or a collection of crosswords.

At last, returning home after a pleasant rest, one cannot but buy for friends and relatives sweet Crimean souvenirs, which are sold in large quantities in the area of Simferopol Railway Station. Wonderful shells, cups with commemorative inscriptions, frames for photos, adornments and statuettes – this and many other things will allow to take with Yourself a piece of Crimea. And then the days, spent here, will never be forgotten.