Restrooms at Simferopol Railway Station

When the train arrives at the railway station at night or before the transfer to another route it is necessary to wait for a very long time, one has to look for the place where to stay overnight, to have a good rest and to gather strength before continuing the journey. Somebody may prefer to take a room in the hotel or to stay overnight at the rented accommodation, however, it is much better to use the restrooms of Simferopol Railway Station.

Comfort at Reasonable Price

To stay overnight with comfort there is no necessity to walk or go somewhere looking for suitable accommodation: the restrooms are situated straight at the Railway Station, to the right from the entrance into the inner yard. Each of the rooms is equipped with different household conditions, correspondingly, prices of living in them differ for everybody to be able to choose the variant optimal for himself/herself. On the whole here one can find three buildings: with ten, seven and eight rooms. In the first building there are double and three-bed rooms, and also double and single VIP rooms. Single and double rooms are in the second building, there one can take a deluxe suite. In the third building there are double, three-bed and four-bed rooms.

All the restrooms of Simferopol Railway Station are comfortable and cozy, in many of them there is a TV set, one can use various household appliances. The prices for living depend on the chosen room class (usual, VIP or deluxe), and also on the number of the beds in it. If one reserves a room in advance, then one will have to pay for accommodation much less.



Besides Simferopol Railway Station is equipped with special restrooms for people, who have to move sitting in a wheel chair. From the whole world to Crimea there go disabled people with to undergo medical treatment at the numerous specialized health resorts, that is why it is not surprising that here people try to meet them with hospitable hosts’ cordiality. In the restrooms for disabled people there are all the conditions for full living, ramps and medical beds.

Care for Everybody

Everybody, who comes to Simferopol, can rely on the decent meeting and providing comfortable conditions. The restrooms are a beautiful alternative to hotels and invite everybody who wants to have a rest after a long way, to wait for a night train departure of with comfort to spend a night.