Bank, ATM, Interchanger

Banks and ATMs at Simferopol Railway Station

Отделение банка, банкоматы, обмен валют During any trip one needs money, which it is not always convenient to bring with you. More and more experts recommend that you should not rely on cash as you can easily lose such means. It is much more convenient to have with you a credit card from which you can take money in one of ATMs situated in the area of Simferopol Railway Station. On Railway Station Square there are enough bank branches, making operations both with local currency and with dollars.

Bank branches at the Railway Station

The bank branches are conveniently situated in the area of the Railway Station that is why it is very easy to use their services. One of the biggest and most popular financial establishments is Privatbank, which can easily be found on Railway Station Square. It is convenient to use Express-Bank, also offering its services to all who need them. Here there is situated the branch of Imexbank, which has an experience of many year work and irreproachable reputation.

In the majority of branches one can quickly open an account, take money from the credit card, exchange currency, transfer a part of means to your relatives, even buy railway tickets. Everything, what it is necessary for comfortable traveling, in which there is no place for problems and troubles, is offered by the bank branches at Simferopol Railway Station.

ATMs are your assistants day and night

Отделение банка, банкоматы, обмен валют If it is necessary to take money from your card, then it is more convenient to do it via one of the ATMs, which support Visa and Master Card systems and work round-the-clock. In the central hall of the Railway Station one can find a Privatbank ATM. Here, to the right from the exit into the inner yard, there is an Express-Bank АТМ. Not far from the trolleybus station there is one more ATM – the one of the Black Sea Development and Reconstruction Bank. Also on Railway Station Square one can enjoy the services of Imexbank and Ukreximbank ATMs.

Modern ATMs have very broad sphere of usage allowing not only to get cash from the card account, but also to make a row of other operations, for example, to pay for the services, to replenish your mobile phone account and others. Those ones will not do without them, who, for example, have tuned out to be at the railway station at night, when bank branches are already closed, and one needs to get money right now.

Simply and safely

Going to one of the bank branches in Simferopol or using ATMs you can be quite sure of their reliability and stable work. By going to the bank one can maximally secure oneself against fraud and other troubles, having got the maximum of satisfaction from staying in Crimea.