the Head and the duty of the station

A railway station is one of the noisiest and crowded places in any city. From all the corners of the country and from abroad visitors come here, forming endless human flow. It is not always so easy to orient in this many-coloured noisy crowd. Fortunately, at the railway station there are always people who are ready to help in difficult situations. We speak about the station master and his/her closest assistant – the station duty officer.

Irreplaceable People at the Station.

The station masterand the station duty officer are obliged to do everything fro the citizens to get qualitative service and professional help in the extreme situations. They define the organization of the traffic flow, ticket selling, work of the baggage center and cloakroom, and many other things.

In What Cases Should People Turn to the Station Master and Station Duty Officer?

Starting a journey, entertainment or business trip, You can always rely on the station master’sand the station duty officer’s assistance, turning to them, if:


– If You have missed Your train, including the cases when a ticket or baggage has been left in the carriage.

– Having arrived at the station of destination, You have found out that Your belongings have been left in the carriage.

– You have been taken from the train because of disease, and the baggage is left in the carriage.

– In case of the baggage delay.

– You need to transport with Yourself by train domestic animals or poultry.

– It is necessary to transport a large amount of foodstuffs or another cargo-luggage.

– You have come across the problems in the work of the railway ticket offices.

– Your ticket have been taken from You because of its wrong arrangement.

– It is necessary to prolong the ticket validity.

– You have come across with the station employees’ impoliteness or with not performing their immediate duties.

– In case of any conflict situations.

In these cases and many other ones the station masterand the station duty officer are ready to give any kind of help, doing Your using the railway maximally convenient.