Police station

There are always many people at the railway station, and it means, that there is a good opportunity for pickpockets, frauds and other criminal personalities to profit. Sadly, nobody is ensured against their «professional» interest. Each of us can become an involuntary participant of different conflict situations, which lead to spoilt mood or, what is much worse, to the loss of the belongings and health. In case there have appeared contradictions with other passengers or station employees, and also when coming across with the troubles such as the attempt of the robbery, one should go to the police, whose room is at any railway station.

Police at the Railway Station: Why is it Necessary?

The railway station police are a unit of the bodies of the Administration of the Internal Affairs at the transport sphere. It is necessary to provide the public order on the territory under control and the citizens’ safety, to observe railway transport passengers’ rights. The employees of the railway police are obliged:

– to provide the defense of the citizens and transport from the possibility of the terrorist acts;

– to prevent the transportation of the illegal cargo: drugs, weapon, ammunition;

– to provide the protection of the passengers of the railway transport and their belongings from the illegal acts;

– to protect the public order, efficiently reacting at the citizens’ statements;

– to prevent the neglect among the juveniles on the territory under control.

Always on the Watch of Order.

Endless human flow, which boils up at the railway station, can provoke any trouble or unexpectedness. But whatever has happened, the railway police are always ready to give the victims a professional help, guaranteeing the public order.