Medical Center


Medical Center at the Railway Station is necessary!

The medical staff’s services, working at the medical center, can be necessary in various situations. For example:

– when having different traumas and injuries, which very often occur on the place of the large concentration of people;

– in case of the exacerbation, when a doctor’s assistance is necessary;

– during the summer heat: those, who have been to Crimea in summer period, know how high the temperature can become, and this often leads to heat and sun strokes;

– in case disabled people need assistance: Crimea is rich in curative health resorts, to which from the whole world there come people having problems with health, and many of them need a doctor’s care;

– if an accident has happened, and there are injured people;

– in any situations when emergency medical aid is necessary: sometimes, these are doctors’ professional skills and reaction which the life depend on, as in case of many diseases and states the first aid becomes a decisive factor.

Sometimes the Life is at Stake…

The employees of the medical center have to come across with various incidents, from very simple ones to those when human life is at stake. Here they friendly meet the boy, who has injured his knee during fast running about Railway Station Square, and the patient who needs an immediate injection, and any other person who needs aid. If a resident or guest of the city who has come to the doctors, working at the railway station, needs hospitalization or narrow specialists’ consultancy, then he/she will be helped to get to the nearest hospital.

Medical Center at the Railway Station of Simferopol is open for everybody!

To use the services of the medical center you are not expected to be only the guest of the capital: any person who has turned out to be at the railway station can visit it. You should remember that the railway station is the place of the increased risk, that is why one should always be careful and should not be ashamed of asking for the first aid in the medical center.