Mother and Child room

Recently You cannot even have dreamt of traveling with a baby: a young mother had to stay constantly at home postponing her trips for a long time. Today more and more women bravely set off on holiday being accompanied by a baby or an elder child. In many respects one can explain it by the appearance of the modern care products, however, equipped rooms for mothers with children have greatly contributed to it. According to the legislation, they are to be at every railway station and airport. Such a room can be found at Simferopol Railway Station.

Everything what a baby and its mother need

Rooms for mothers with children used to be before, but they were mainly meant for working mothers to be able to take their children to the service in case of necessity. Now it is convenient and comfortable place, where one can spend several hours or even spend the night waiting for one’s train. There are many situations when it is necessary to spend such a room, as traveling with children is always full of surprises. A small child can get tired of long journey and he/she will need to have a rest before going farther. Any minute an infant can ask for eating, and then it will be comfortable for his/her mother to feed him/her not in the general waiting room or in the square, but in the comfortable, well-equipped room. Here there is everything necessary to change baby’s clothes, to swaddle and wash it, to warm up food for it and even to give to drink. In the room for mothers with children one can spend time, calm a naughty baby, play with it or let it sleep before a long journey. At the disposal of the passengers with children there are cots, swaddling tables, comfortable sofas, toys – everything what a baby needs. And the content of the room completely meets the demands of the sanitary and medical norms.

If it has happened so that one has to spend the night with a baby at the railway station, then the best way out is to go to the room for mothers with children, where there are cots and beds for their mothers.

Room for Mothers with Children Invites Passengers

The room for mothers with children can be used by any passenger, who will show a ticket and make the fixed payment. One can learn about the price for the twenty-four-hour stay by calling the inquiry service of the railway station.

If You have decided to use the room for mothers with children at the railway station of Simferopol, then You can go there at any time and always rely on its staff’s responsiveness and the quality of the provided services.