Newspaper office

Newsstands at Simferopol Railway Station

Every person, who sets out, takes care of not being bored while traveling, especially if we speak about many-hour traveling. Really, you will get bored when constantly watching the landscape flickering through the window. Particularly urgent question deals with providing leisure of those who set out with children.

«Road Books» at Simferopol Railway Station

Союз ПечатьHowever the problem is easily solved: on the territory of Simferopol Railway Station one can find newsstands, which regularly sell various printed matter. «Soyuzpechat» newsstand can be found not far from bus ticket offices, in front of McDonald’s café, and if to go a bit further, then one can notice a small tent selling periodicals. Each person who likes reading newspapers or magazines when traveling will find here everything he or she are interested in. the market of the printed matter of Crimea is full of local, regional and national editions, «glossies», information, entertaining and business newspapers. The passengers are offered to buy both serious editions, which will be useful for those, for example, who has a business trip and do not want to be distracted from affairs, and also popular ones, allowing to have a pleasant rest. For sure children will like special newspapers and magazines, full of fascinating stories, interesting games and funny puzzles. The lovers of solving problems and doing crosswords are numerous among grown-ups, who often purchase collections of puzzles. By the way, in the newsstand one can find stationery, without which one will not do a crossword. Those, who are going to travel about Crimea, will need the town atlases, which also can be bought in the newsstand. Here there is a wide assortment of sweet printed souvenirs: calendars, including tear-off calendars, magnets and other small things, which one can take with oneself and present to the friends, who have stayed at home.

One Cannot Be Bored with a Book!

Союз ПечатьThose, who prefer to travel together with a book, also can find many interesting things on Railway Station Square of Simferopol. Not far from the Railway Station there is a good wholesale bookstore, the books can be bought at one of the places, which are situated at the Railway Station. Easy-minded detectives and romance novels, textbooks for traveling students, breathtaking science fiction and «serious» literature – all this helps to have a good time when traveling.

Long journey may be interesting. Itisenoughtotakewithyourselfa book or a magazine – and it will fly in no time.