Luggage storage

Камера хранения

Cloakrooms of Simferopol Railway Station

The majority of passengers of the railway transport take with themselves many things, which can prove useful both on the way, and during living in Crimea. However, what can be done, if after getting off the train on the platform You want to walk a bit, to walk around the city, but it is not convenient to take large cases with yourself? Or You are going to hike about the Crimean Mountains, during which You need only tourist things in the rucksack? Or You just have unnecessary things? For these cases and many other ones there are cloakrooms, which can easily be found on the territory of Simferopol Railway Station.

Hand and Automatic Cloakrooms

There are two cloakrooms at the Railway Station in Simferopol: one is situated on the platform, and one can get to it from the platform, the other one is in the basement, not far from the colonnade. Cloakroom on the platform is equipped with automatic cells.

Everybody can use the cloakroom: it is just necessary to come up to the cloakroom worker and to give him the things, having discussed and paid the term, for which You plan to leave them. Many people prefer to use automatic cells: for this one should buy a token from the worker, put the thing into the cell oneself and dial on the cipherer the arbitrary code, put the token into the special slot, and close the door. The code should be remembered, as without it one will fail to take one’s belongings back. The cells of such type have already been used for a long time at all railway stations and airports of the world, it is easy to use them, and all the automatic cloakrooms have detailed instructions.

cameraIf passengers have any questions as for the usage of the cloakroom, they can always ask for help the officials, who are always ready to help. It is very simple and convenient to use cloakrooms of Simferopol Railway Station, things can be left for a considerable term, from a couple of hours to several days, not worrying about their safety. Strangers’ penetration into the cloakrooms is practically impossible, and automatic cells have even higher safety level and protection system against vandalism.

Calmness and Safety for a Small Fee

The comfort of the travel and calmness for the safety of the belongings, which can be provided by using the cloakrooms, is worth a lot. Nevertheless, for a cell one will have to pay quite a small sum. Leave all unnecessary for now things in safety at the railway station and travel about Crimea with pleasure!