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Cafes and Restaurants near Simferopol Railway Station

When guests come to see you, any host is eager to feed them well and tastefully. The passengers of the railway transport, coming to Simferopol Railway Station, are the guests of the Crimean capital, that is why the abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars near Railway Station Square is not surprising. Every visitor or the person waiting for boarding can eat well or have a snack, to regale himself/herself with dessert or drink a glass of a cooling drink in the friendly cozy atmosphere.

Where Can You Have Dinner at Simferopol Railway Station?

macEverybody who happens to be at Simferopol Railway Station, first and foremost, sees a large bright building of McDonald’s, situated near the bus ticket offices. The lovers of American style of life and fast food can visit this café, relying on the wonderful service and tasty dishes. On McDonald’s territory there is free Wi-Fi, and also McDrive round-the-clock offers its services – the service for those, who travel by car. And if you have taken children with you, then in the café they will especially like equipped children’s room.

Besides this, each person interested can visit one of the numerous public eating places, situated at the Railway Station. There one can eat dishes of different cuisines, including the European, Russian, Ukrainian, Oriental ones and many others. In the majority of the cafes you can have tasty food, cheap enough, or, if you do not have the desire to eat well, you can have a snack. There is nothing more pleasant than in hot summer day, after several hours in the compartment or bus, to spend some time at the table of a sweet clean cafe, to eat some ice-cream, to drink a glass of lemonade or beer, and then with new forces and excellent mood to continue a fascinating travel.

Everything You Want!

cafeOn Railway Station Square there are several more fast food places, and also pancake house, cheburek house and many others, stimulating the appetite with breathtaking smells and attracting with low prices. On the Railway Station territory there are also several pizza places, in which one can taste pizza, cooked according to different recipes, or take with oneself for the trip.

And for the lovers of the «sweet life» it will be pleasant to know that quite near the Railway Station there are cafes, which offer to taste and buy pastry of the local producers. Wonderfulairypastryandcakeswill leave nobody indifferent!