Fax and Telegraph

Telegraph of Simferopol Railway Station

Факс и телеграфDespite the era of the mobile technologies, the telegraph services are still urgent and popular. This particularly refers to the Railway Station, where daily there arrive thousands of people from all the parts of the country, who need to inform about their arrival their relatives who have stayed at home, to send a report to the office or to deliver important information. That is why the majority of the stations are equipped with the telegraph. Simferopol Railway Station is not an exception.


If you are on the Railway Station territory and You need urgent connection with Your home or office, then it is enough to find the telegraph in the building. The modern phones situated in the comfortable booths, allow to get in touch quickly with any user, even international calls are available, what will be necessary for foreign guests, who have not been able to adjust roaming service yet. Excellent regular connection will allow to inform quickly relatives about safe arrival in Simferopol, to talk to acquaintances, living in Crimea, to solve definite organizational problems.

Факс и телеграфCertainly, no communication center can do without the Internet. Usual post is actively being replaced by electronic mailing, the Internet opens really limitless opportunities for connecting practically with any place on the planet. Simferopol Railway Station telegraph keeps pace with modern tendencies and offers all who want to use the Internet to send an important letter or to get the information necessary for a business trip or hike.

Business people, who are sent to Crimea, can be in need of sending some important documents or images. Today, despite the Internet spreading, the offices of the majority of organizations are equipped with the fax, which is simple and comfortable in operating. The fax functions at Simferopol Railway Station as well. By means of it one can very easily and quickly transfer across vast distances documents or images, including colour ones.


It is so easy to give quiet to your relatives, confidence in the well-being of the affaires to your boss or just to hear relatives’ voices in the middle of the long journey. For this it is enough to send a telegram, to make a phone call or to use the Internet. All these opportunities are provided by the telegraph of Simferopol Railway Station, which is always open for everybody who needs assistance.