Drugstore at Simferopol Railway Station

АптекаA lot of people remember that earlier drugstores used to be the establishments, where medicines were made according to the prescription. Now they look more like shops with broad assortment, which is sometimes vital. Moreover, if we speak about the drugstore on Railway Station Square.

When is it necessary to go to the drugstore?

Thousands of people daily come to Simferopol from the entire territory of Ukraine and abroad. Many of them need definite medicines, which cannot always be taken with themselves in necessary quantities. Besides, on the way there can happen different troubles, like small injuries or hurts, and the necessary medicines turn out to have been left at home. At last, finding themselves in the place with unknown climate, our guests from other places can have heavy acclimatization, headache or even pressure changes, there can be unexpected problems with the stomach because of the unusual food.

аптекаIf the visitors have decided to travel with a baby, then they cannot do without the visit to the drugstore. A lot of mothers prefer to store nappies and baby food, but it is not comfortable for everybody, and their quantity may not be enough for the period of holiday. In any drugstore on Railway Station Square one can buy everything what a baby needs, including any nappies, tissues, creams, rattles, dishes, dummies, baby food and juices.

Many drugstores offer to buy aromatic Crimean teas, which one should just taste during one’s visit to the peninsula, and also mineral waters, beauty aids, including the ones made on the basis of the local nature gifts.

In these cases and many other ones drugstores at the Railway Station are indispensable.

Wide choice of drugstores at Simferopol Railway Station

аптекаTo visit any conveniently situated drugstore may be necessary to any every person, who is on Railway Station Square of Simferopol. Here there are many drugstores, which you can get to from any place of the Railway Station. Each drugstore belongs to a definite company, many of which offer to their clients the discount systems and programs. The prices in different drugstores may vary, but in each drugstore they are democratic and moderate.

All the drugstores of Simferopol Railway Station have necessary licenses and certificates, that is why you may be sure of the qualities of the medicines being sold.